Kendall Band article in today’s Globe


And the band is set to play on after students’ efforts for Kendall Station

Students in the Kendall Band Preservation Society removed pieces of the “Kendall Band’’ sculpture from the T station in April to make repairs. (John Blanding/ Globe Staff)

By Eric Moskowitz
Globe Staff / March 27, 2011

The band is getting back together again. After a year of tinkering and toiling at MIT’s Rapid Fabrication Laboratory, the students in the Kendall Band Preservation Society will begin reassembling the restored pieces of the celebrated musical sculpture at Kendall Station over the next few weeks.

The largest element of the sound sculpture should be up and working by April 30, when a celebration will be held at the station as part of a campus-wide open house celebrating MIT’s 150th birthday.  – for more see article.

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April 30th is the goal

We are hoping to have Pythagoras re-installed at the station by April 30 for MIT’s 150th anniversary OPEN HOUSE.


The work continues…

The Kendall Bandits are making a bell spinner to scrub the bells (pythagoras) this week. Next week they will continue cleaning and polishing. That leaves taking apart the bell assemblies, labeling the corresponding inner/outer sections, and storing them appropriately.

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Only Kepler and Galileo remain

The Kendall Band team went back Sunday am to take away the remaining bells of Pythagoras. Now only Kepler and Galileo remain at the station.

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Pythagoras came down 7/25

Photos by Rachel Martin

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KBPS at work

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Making Progress

The team got one set of bells/hammers down and the hammers from the second set in the early morning hours of last Sunday, July 25.

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Restoration Status

The handles have all been taken down and are being repaired. Next we will take away Pythagoras (the tubular bells) for refurbishing.

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