Special thanks to:

Ellen Avery
Michael Cantalupa
Jim Kappel
Cara Kretz
Paul O’Gorman
Jane Pappalardo
Tim Rowe
Joseph Tulimieri

MIT Supporters:
Victor Belanger
Susan Cohen
Regina Dugan
John Dunbar
Emily Hiestand
Barbara Hughey
Suzana Lisanti
Greg Raposa
Cary Williams
Mike Tarkanian
Sarah Wright

MBTA Supporters:
Patricia Barrett
Hank Barry
Richard A. Davey
Richard DeStefano
Jose Diaz
Margaret Lackner
Lou Lebbossiere
John Mcgrath
Arthur Munchbach
Ted O’Neill
Steve Parris

Kate Canfield
Seth Parker
Paul Matisse
Rika McNally
Jason Weeks

Supporting Businesses and Organizations
Ita Software
MIT Council for the Arts
Cambridge Marriott
Cambridge Innovation Center
Boston Properties
Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
Draper Lab
Legal Seafoods


MIT Kendall Band Preservation Society header photo and KBPS at work video by Justin Knight.


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